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An authentic, real steeped Yerba Mate experience.
Real Steeped
sparkling yerba mate


We want to find the right balance in all things, ensuring no trade-offs between flavor and health. Finding equilibrium in life brings a calm and composed mind that allows us to be our best. We want to encourage others to find their balance, live fearlessly, and realize their potential to create and experience life.


We are committed to creating the healthiest beverages possible by sourcing the highest quality and most beneficial organic teas and herbs for the body. Healthy bodies make us feel good and give us the energy to actively pursue our passions.


Mate culture is about sharing, gratitude, and connection. Our mission is to bring communities closer, to create common ground for differences to dissolve, and to give people more reasons to come together. We believe authentic connection is an integral part of a healthy and satisfied soul.

Only 34 calories, 8 grams of sugar per 12 ounce serving.
Yerba Mate contains 24 vitamins and minerals, and 15 amino acids.
A harmony of caffeine, theobromine and natural nutrients offering balanced focus with the dreaded caffeine-crash.
Authentically steeped in small batches, made by local craft brewers

Craft Brewed

We don't use extract, syrup, or concentrate. We make small-batch, real steeped tea, carbonating the entire brew like a craft beer. Allowing us to offer the health benefits and aroma of naturally prepared tea with a craft sparkling finish.

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premium tea from south america

Our Mission

Our mission is to create authentic community that empowers people to live balanced and healthy lives.

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