Team & Leadership

James Tan
wesley evans
Sales & Partnerships
alex bosco
Creative Director


Yerbana is an organization seeking to promote wellness by providing energizing and rejuvenating Yerba Mate beverages, and by creating community which empowers people to live balanced and healthy lives.

To us, holistic health includes physical, mental, and emotional balance. We aspire to help others find their balance, live authentically, follow their passions, and find their flowstate.


We believe food is medicine that gives life to the body through nourishment, which is why we are so passionate about the healing power of Yerba Mate. Proper nutrition promotes physical health, allowing us to feel good, explore the world, and experience our own potential!


Finding inner peace and a balanced mind allows one to stay present and experience all that life has to offer. Mate offers a unique balanced energy that fuels creativity without overstimulating the mind! We support creative endeavors, not taking life too seriously, and finding the right balance in all things.


We believe authentic connection is an integral part of a satisfied soul. We love Mate because of the social energy it provides. The energy of connection contributes to cultivating authentic community and a contented heart. We hope to encourage people to come together and recognize that all life is connected and one.