Yerbana: The Real Steeped Story!

August 21, 2020
 minute read

When we first set out to create a mate beverage, our primary focus was to make something that brought the health and energy we loved from drinking the loose tea. Other products we had tried either didn’t taste like real tea, had way too much sugar, or gave us way too much energy.

When we approached beverage consultants and flavor houses,they all told us the only way was to use and extract instead of steeping real tea. The common method for beverage co-packing is to make a concentrate or extract and mix it with soda water so products could be streamlined and mass produced. For a time, we tried using a traditional co-packer but using a steeped concentrate just didn’t have enough mate flavor and wasn’t as good as when we made it in our kitchen. So instead, we decided to partner with a craft brewery,having the ability to brew and carbonate beverages, it was a perfect fit to do small batch, real steeped tea!

Brewing locally has allowed us to cut down transportation, support local economy, maintain high quality standards, and offer a real steeped,undiluted, craft mate. Over the journey we have been on we are so glad we never compromised on making real steeped tea. Of all the different iterations, this one is undoubtedly the best. At Yerbana, we are committed to health and authenticity.We are stoked to be able to share a product which we feel captures the essence of drinking real Yerba Mate tea!

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