What is Yerba Mate?

July 24, 2020
James Tan
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The powers of Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is a herbal tea made from the leaves and stems of the Ilex paraguariensis, asmall tree in the Holly genus. Native to Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil, Yerba Mate has a rich history of discovery, cultivation, and consumption beginning with the indigenous Guaraní who called it “the drink of the Gods.” Due to Mate’s energizing, uplifting, and nourishing composition, the Guaraní had an astounding array of applications for the herb, using it as a medicinal tonic for fatigue, depression, weight management, digestion issues,and vitality, as well as a social beverage. Over time Yerba Mate spread rapidly due to European Missionaries who began cultivating on a larger scale calling it“the green gold of the Indios.”

Today Yerba Mate is the preferred caffeinated beverage consumed by millions of South Americans each year. Surpassing even the coffee culture in the United States, Mate bars can be found all over South America offering variations served hot, cold (Tereré), sweetened, mixed with milk or juice and many more! Although Mate consumption has grown to meet the demands of ever evolving metropolitan areas, it is not uncommon to see people drinking Mate the traditional Guaraní way, sipping the herbal infusion through a filtered straw called a bombilla (bom-bee-yah)from a hollow gourd. The gourd is often passed around a circle of friends, a ritual of sharing, connection, and community keeping the history alive which is rooted in respect for nature and each other.

Mate consumption has spread worldwide both as a social and stimulating beverage as well as a health supplement. Large Markets have emerged in the Middle East, Europe, North America, and parts of Asia as well. With so many health benefits known to the indigenous cultures, and new research coming out every year, it’s not hard to see why it continues to grow as the beverage of choice for many seeking uplifting energy, natural health, and nutrition. Mate connoisseurs also love the unique energy offered by the herb, reported to be calmer and more focused than coffee or other caffeinated alternatives, and without the crash.

At Yerbana we absolutely love Yerba Mate for all that it offers. We truly believe it to be a divine gift of nature offering health and nutrition, uplifting and focused energy, and a culture of sharing and togetherness.

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James Tan
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